Pastel Horizon by Dan Sutherland

Graciousness: The attribute of being kind to all. Politeness, cordiality and good-natured disposition.

• If a man be gracious to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world, and his heart is no island, cut off from other islands, but a continent that joins them…Francis Bacon

• Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax…Arthur Schopenhauer

• To bear defeat with dignity, to accept criticism with poise, to receive honors with humility -- these are marks of maturity and graciousness…William Arthur Ward

• It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully, but a greater to accept it graciously.…Logan Pearsall

• One kind word can warm three winter months…Japanese Proverb

• Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up…Jesse Jackson

• Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are…Unknown Author

• Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how…Unknown Author

• The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway…Henry Boye

• When I was young, I admired clever people.  Now that I am old, I admire kind people…Abraham Joshua Heschel

• Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns…Unknown Author

• You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late…Ralph Waldo Emerson

• Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle…Plato

• By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach…Winston Churchill

• The kindest word in all the world is the unkind word, unsaid…Unknown Author

• As the bus slowed down at the crowded bus stop, the bus driver leaned from the platform and called out, six only!  The bus stopped.  He counted on six passengers, rang the bell, and then, as the bus moved off, called to those left behind:  So sorry, plenty of room in my heart - but the bus is full.  He left behind a row of smiling faces.  It's not what you do; it's the way that you do it…The Friendship Book of Francis Gay

• The best way to knock the chip off your neighbor's shoulder is to pat him on the back…Unknown Author

• Life is short but there is always time for courtesy…Ralph Waldo Emerson

• The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you…John E. Southard

• In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy…Karl Reiland

• To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful. To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful. To those who help with gentle hands, life is full. And to those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measure…Unknown Author

• This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness…Dalai Lama

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