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Suggested Reading

Listed below are some of the books that influenced Nantucket Peaceworks founder Maximus Freeman in his emergence from a traumatic young adulthood into a life centered around the practice of peace. These publications span the fields of psychology, spirituality, nutrition, self-improvement, eastern philosophy and psychiatry. Freeman's journey of self-discovery developed its “practice” focus after he read the two Dale Carnegie entries on the list. These books offer the simple, positive messages that thoughts affect reality. Carnegie’s use of quotations also inspired Freeman's approach to exploring the virtues of peace and “tools of the trade.” Freeman identifies the psychiatrist and spiritual teacher Dr. David Hawkins as the most influential author in his life. The philosophy underlying the Peaceworks practice-and-reflection approach is based on Hawkins’ work on the paths to enlightenment and the virtues of peace (an integral part of all his books). Three other authors, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer also offered Freeman productive ideas about how spiritual leaders develop inner peace and enlightenment. Nantucket Peaceworks invites you to investigate the books listed below, and to send in your own suggestions for further reading:

• Adyashanti...Emptiness Dancing

• Albom, Mitch...The Five People You Meet In Heaven/For One More Day/Tuesdays With Morrie/Have A Little Faith

• Archer, Jeffrey....Kane And Abel

• Baldacci, David…The Christmas Train/Wish You Well

• Bronson, Po...Why Do I Love These People?/What Should I Do With My Life?

• Carnegie, Dale…How To Stop Worrying And Start Living/How To Win Friends And Influence People

• Coelho, Paulo…The Alchemist/The Pilgrimage

• Crim, Mort...How To Be As Terrific As Your Dog Thinks You Are

• Dyer, Dr. Wayne W…The Power Of Intention

• Frattaroli, Dr. Elio…Healing The Soul In The Age Of The Brain

• Izzo, John....The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

• Hallowell, Dr. Edward....Human Moments

• Hawkins, Dr. David R…Power vs. Force/Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness/Devotional Non-Duality/Healing and Recovery/The Eye of the I

• Hesse, Hermann...Siddhartha

• L’amour, Louis…Sackett’s Land/To The Far Blue Mountains/The Warrior’s Path/Jubal Sackett/Hondo/Sitka/Comstock Lode/The Lonesome Gods/The Walking Drum/Last Of The Breed/Flint

• Lao-Tzu…Tao Te Ching (translated by various authors)

• Marx, Jeffrey…Season of Life

• Millman, Dan….Way Of The Peaceful Warrior/The Journeys Of Socrates/Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior

• Pittman, Marc….Raising Cole

• Real, Terrence….I Don’t Want To Talk About It

• Rosen, Mark….Thank You For Being Such A Pain

• Sears, Dr. Barry....Zone: A Dietary Road Map

• Singer, Michael...The Untethered Soul

• Sparks, Nicholas…The Notebook

• Streleck, John P…The Why Café

• Tolle, Eckhart...The Power of Now

• Walls, Jeannette...The Glass Castle

• Wilde, Stuart…Infinite Self

• Young, William P.….The Shack 

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